Cracking the Code: 6 Common Questions About Roof Warranties

Dec 22, 2023 | Blog, roof warranty questions, San Marcos

If you’ve ever had to repair or replace a roof, you know that this can sometimes be an expensive proposition. As a result, it’s nice to know that your new roof has warranty coverage, should there be a problem down the road. But what types of roofing warranties are available, and how do they apply to your roof? Many homes or business owners tend to stop with the length of the warranty and don’t pay enough attention to which repair or replacement services are spelled out by the warranty policy. Understanding the details of your warranty now can help prevent many unpleasant surprises later, so let’s answer some frequently asked questions about roof warranty coverage.

roof warranty FAQ, roof warranty questions, San Marcos

What Is A Roof Warranty?

The phrase “roof warranty” can refer to several different kinds of warranties offered by different providers. Most roof leaks aren’t covered by standard home insurance, but some home insurers do make provisions for roof-related issues. There are also some add-on home warranty plans available for covering roof leaks and repairs in particular. In addition, roofing manufacturers typically offer their own materials warranties, and your local roofing contractor should have some level of workmanship warranty for the services provided.

What Causes A Roof To Fail Prematurely?

Many roofing material manufacturers offer product warranties of up to 25 years or even 50 years in some cases. They can do so because their materials are designed and engineered to last that long, or longer! Most modern roofing materials don’t fail prematurely under normal conditions. So, what does cause a roof to fail prematurely? Most of the time, a premature roof failure is almost always due to improper installation. The problem isn’t faulty materials; it’s poor workmanship! Up to 99% of all shingle leaks during a roof’s normal lifespan are due to poor workmanship, not faulty shingles.

What Do Manufacturer Roof Warranties Include?

The wording of many manufacturer roofing warranties is often geared more towards limiting manufacturer liability than it is towards protecting the homeowner or business owner. That’s why you need to take the time to read all the fine print of any manufacturer warranty, to make sure you understand what’s included before you choose a roofing material. You also need to understand which circumstances could make your product warranty void.

roof warranty FAQ in San Marcos

Can A Roofing Manufacturer Warranty Be Voided?

Unfortunately, yes, it can. Learning that you’ve unintentionally done something to void your roofing materials warranty is not a pleasant feeling, especially whenever you’re trying to get a problem with your roof addressed. The best way to avoid this unfortunate situation is to read over your policy and become familiar with any voiding circumstances for your warranty coverage.

What Can Void A Roofing Warranty?

There are a few notable issues you should be aware of when it comes to unintentionally voiding your roofing warranty. Here are some of the more common voiding circumstances:

  • Adding certain roof fixtures and features
  • Having someone other than the original installation contractor perform your repairs
  • Improper roof installation
  • Installing new shingles on top of the old ones
  • Mixing roofing materials from different manufacturers
  • Not providing adequate roof ventilation
  • Pressure washing

What About Warranties Provided By The Roofing Contractor?

Many property owners tend to confuse the manufacturer warranty (for products or materials), with the workmanship warranty offered by the roofing contractor. What the workmanship warranty usually promises is service if the problem is the result of an installer error. Contractor roof warranties don’t usually cover roofing materials, since these are covered separately by manufacturer warranties. However, if there is a problem with the materials themselves, most manufacturers will use the original installer to provide authorized materials warranty coverage.

Get Trusted Roofing Work And Warranties

A roof warranty is only as good as the company backing it, and a roof installation is only as good as the local roofing contractor you choose to partner with. If you’re looking for a trusted, manufacturer-authorized, local contractor to take care of your roof in San Marcos, then look no further for help than Guardian Roofs! Call or contact us today for a free estimate and see what we can do for your roof today!