Roof Drone Inspections: What They Are and Why You Need One

Feb 4, 2023 | Blog, California, Roofing, San Marcos

Traditional roof inspections are quite risky – from collapsing roofs and insect bites to falling off ladders and scaffolding equipment. This can happen due to malfunction, incorrect mounting, or assembly. However, new technologies that rely on unmanned aerial vehicles or drones have greatly made inspections easier, safer, faster, and less costly.

Drones minimize or completely eliminate most of the risks such as falls, collapsing roofs under the inspector’s feet, and much more. In addition, sending a drone to perform inspections before climbing will also help to identify the defects. It also provides indications of faulty roofs so that the inspector will be more careful, in case there is still a need to go up the roof.

Unfortunately, most people have not taken advantage of modern, roof inspection technologies. As a result, many have yet to discover the many benefits drone inspections have to offer. Here are some benefits of using drones for roof inspections in San Marcos:

roofing inspections in San Marcos

Provides Safe Roof Inspections

Collecting data without putting the lives of workers at risk is one of the major benefits of using drones to inspect a wide range of properties. The drone roof inspection eliminates most of the risks associated with conventional roof inspection methods. The risks arise due to the nature and design of the buildings. Complex designs, great heights, deteriorated roofs, structures, and hard-to-access areas can pose several risks to the workers, occupants of a building, and the people around it.

Collecting In-Depth Data

Drones can access almost any part of a building and can collect more useful information using their high-quality image, video, and thermal cameras. Even though there is still a requirement for human expertise, a drone-based building inspection is faster, more efficient, and more accurate.

By accessing difficult-to-reach and tight spaces, drones can capture more information that an inspector could using conventional means. In addition, drones can be used repeatedly, taking photos or videos from the same location over and over. This is helpful if you want to compare the before and after images once a roof repair is complete.

Drones have inbuilt GPS systems that make it possible to take shots from the exact same location every visit, even if long periods of time elapse. Overall, drone cameras can capture images and videos from elevations and angles that are impossible for manual human inspection.

New Technologies Accelerate Job Speed

roof drone inspection, San Marcos

A traditional building inspection takes a great amount of planning, preparation, manpower, and time to execute a single job. In addition, all the collected data must be assembled and analyzed to produce a report. With new drone technologies, it requires only a short time to carry out an inspection once a client makes the request. Since it does not require equipment and manpower preparation, the drone-based inspection starts off immediately as the team gets to the site and is completed within a fraction of the time it would take using conventional methods. From there, the drones can then transmit the data to the inspection team on the ground or through the Cloud, allowing them to analyze the data and generate reports faster without putting anyone at risk.

Drone-based Inspections Cost Less

Drone services can help in reducing inspection costs significantly. There is no need to acquire and transport costly scaffolding, lifts, ladders, and other climbing equipment and gear. In addition, it does not require as many people, hence cutting down on equipment and labor costs.

Reducing the time and labor means that it is even possible to perform several building inspections in a day. In fact, a building inspector can perform multiple inspections simultaneously as long as there are enough drones and pilots. The inspector can at the same time monitor all the inspections from a remote office through the internet and Cloud systems.

If you’re ready to see all the detail a drone roof inspection can provide, call Guardian Roofs in San Marcos for a free estimate!