Home Design: Matching the Local Aesthetic in San Marcos with a New Tile Roof

May 10, 2023 | Blog, California, Roofing, San Marcos, Tile Roofing

Tile roofing is commonly associated with a distinct aesthetic here in the Southwest or far out in the Mediterranean. The limited aesthetic of traditional tile roofing materials can deter some homeowners from taking advantage of the benefits a tile roof can provide. However, you don’t have to miss out on the durability, longevity, and insulation that a tile roof can offer if your San Marcos home has an architectural style other than Southwestern or Mediterranean. Learn here about how modern clay tile roofs have incredible aesthetic versatility, thanks to these three essential factors.

Color Variations

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Concrete and clay tiles are most often thought of as being a terracotta or neutral beige color. Modern manufacturing processes have made it possible to produce tile roofing that comes in a wide range of colors. Manufacturers use one of two techniques to achieve color variations in the tiles they produce: through coloring or slurry-bonding. A manufacturer can add iron oxide into the clay before the clay enters the molds in preparation for baking. This is a process known as through-coloring. Through-colored tiles feature a subdued and understated color that is consistent throughout the body of each tile.

Slurry bonding produces tiles that have bright or high-contrast coloring. A professional will apply a slurry that contains concentrated pigments to the outer surfaces of a tile, which will bake during the slurry-bonding process. The color variations created through modern manufacturing techniques ensure that you will be able to find a tile roof that matches your home’s exterior color palette.

Glazing Options

Glazing can have a direct effect on the finished look of clay tile roofing. Traditional roofing tiles are usually unglazed. Clay tiles will retain their natural earthy tone when they are not glazed. The natural coloring provides a rustic and timeworn aesthetic that you can pair with most types of Southwestern and Mediterranean architecture. Glazing offers the opportunity to use tile roofs on homes with a more modern design aesthetic. Clay tiles can be semi-glazed for a polished look, or treated with a full glaze to give your home an ultra-sleek and modern aesthetic.

A professional will need to treat the unglazed tiles with a protective sealant that can protect them against water absorption. Glazed tiles don’t have a sealant. The glaze itself acts as a protective barrier against moisture damage.

Shape Variations

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Modern tile roofing comes in a wide range of interesting shapes. The shape of the tile you select can significantly alter the appearance of your home’s exterior after the installation is complete.
You can pair flat, fluted, and interlocking tile shapes with almost any architectural design style. Roman tiles feature either a single or a double roll and lend a European flair to any home.

A mold is used to form modern clay or cement tiles. The shape of these molds can vary based on your unique preferences and the style of your home. Some manufacturers are even willing to offer custom shapes for homeowners willing to invest a bit more money in the clay tile roof that will perfectly complement their home.

The shape variations available in the modern tile roofing market allow you to install a tile roof that will add architectural interest to your home while providing you with maximum protection against moisture over time.


A new tile roof can offer a wide range of benefits that you may find appealing as a homeowner. It doesn’t matter if it’s the durability, impact resistance, or low maintenance associated with clay tiles that draw you to this type of roofing, you can easily find modern roof tiles that will complement the architectural style and color of your home. Contact Guardian Roofs today to learn more about installing new tile roofing on your San Marcos home.