5 Important Questions to Ask Your Potential Roofing Contractor

Dec 12, 2022 | Blog, California, Roofing, San Marcos

When the time has come to have some work done on your roof, whether a total roof replacement or a partial repair, finding the right contractor to hire can be a daunting task. Where does one begin to find the right company? How can I feel confident in their work and professionalism? Here are 5 questions to ask as you begin your search for a highly qualified roofing contractor in San Marcos.

Are You Insured? 

A company you can rely on knows the importance of following the proper rules and regulations for proper business ethics. You can inquire about the credentials they have in place to complete the work. A trusted company will be willing to show you evidence that they are fully covered. Ask for these three items:

  • Licensure – They must be approved by the Department of Consumer Affairs Contractors State License board. You can call (800)321-CSLB (2752) or check the license status online.
  • Bonded – This will verify that the company does business correctly and ethically. The bond must be written by a surety company licensed through the California State of Insurance 
  • Insured – The company must be fully insured with workers’ compensation, general liability, and a vehicle insurance policy.

Are You Local?

roofing contractor

Storm chasers can not be trusted to do a complete and thorough job when they rush into town, complete work, and dash off to the next big devastated area. You want to work with a business that has a local address and phone number. If complications arise throughout the year, you will want to be able to make that phone call and have someone come out and assess the situation quickly. A local roofing contractor will understand the local laws, permits, and regulations and properly have them in place when the work begins. This will help to minimize additional expenses after the work has begun.

How Long Have You Been in Business? 

You want to work with a company that knows the ins and outs of roofing. While there may be some value to working with a new company and helping them to get in the “field”,  the comfort comes with an established business that has proven results. Your roof is one of the most important components of your home, don’t be fooled to work with an inexperienced company.

Do You Offer a Warranty on Your Products? 

Ask about the products you are considering and the warranties behind them. This could be a deciding factor in what type of roofing system you purchase. Warranties vary and can be anywhere from a couple of years, to the life of the roof. Ask the question and make sure you have the proper paperwork to file away. 

Do You Have Any References?

A confident strong company will be more than willing to refer you to current jobs they are working on or to a satisfied previous customer. Friends and neighbors talk. This is how businesses are built. 

When searching for a trustworthy roofing contractor for your next roofing project, make sure you ask several questions. You want a company that stands behind its products, has excellent communication and is willing to answer all questions you may have. Where can one find a company like this? 

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