Roof Renovations: Exploring the Most Popular Roof Types in San Marcos

Dec 13, 2023 | Best Roof Materials, Blog, California, Popular Roof Types, San Marcos

Your home can deeply reflect you as a person. With all the different types of finishes and furnishings, you can make your home an extension of who you are. But, what happens when you move into a new place that someone else designed? Sometimes, you just need to make some changes. Your roof is an often overlooked design feature that can significantly change your home’s exterior. 

Types of Roofs

You may think all roofs are the same, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Roofs in the 21st century are vastly customizable to whatever style and feel you are looking for. Here are the types of roofs that the professionals at Guardian Roofs offer:

popular roof types in San Marcos


Asphalt tiles are the most common roofing material currently available. They aren’t going to be the most eye-catching, but even this roofing style may be a good fit for your situation. With basically every color available, you can use your roof to tie together your new exterior design using the color and style of asphalt shingle, and with the cheapest option in this list. Contact Guardian Roofs to go over your options!

popular roof types, best roof materials, San Marcos


With a tile roof, you take things to the next level. This roofing material is also highly customizable, but also more expensive than asphalt. There are many styles, colors, and finishes to choose from, as well as shapes of tile. From spanish villa to mountain chalet, the options run the whole spectrum of desired home exteriors.


Slate is becoming more popular amongst the higher-end clients of new and replacement roofs. There are many factors to consider when choosing a slate roof. This is the most expensive roofing material, possibly along with cedar. You can also get natural slate, or you can get something called synthetic slate, which can be much cheaper and lighter. Slate roofs can be so heavy that professional roofers may have to build additional support structures during installation! Slate is easily one of the most beautiful finishes, and eye-catching in a neighborhood.

best roof materials in San Marcos


Make a real statement with a cedar roof. As one of the more expensive finishes, this roofing material will be the talk of the cul-de-sac. There are some decisions with finishes and material that you would have to make, but cedar isn’t as customizable as other finishes in this list. 

Making a Decision

When making a final decision regarding roof type, consider these few points-


Budget is a key factor in determining the material of your next roof. There is quite a range in costs, so you should be able to find something that works for you. 

Energy Efficiency

When in California, the costs to stay warm or cool off inside your home can get costly. Make sure to weigh your options in materials carefully, as they will all have an impact on your energy usage and costs.

Exterior Style

A roof can be a major design element in your overall look. You can go with a more generic look, to keep things neutral, or you can go bold with a black, red, or green. Take a walk around your neighborhood and see what would fit in, or how you can maybe push the envelope a little. 

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