The 4 Best Roof Colors for Brick Homes in Orange

Mar 20, 2024 | Best Roof Colors, Blog, Popular Roof Colors, Roof Colors for Brick Houses


As spring approaches, now is the perfect time to refresh your home’s exterior. Whether motivated by aesthetics or the necessity of storm damage repair, choosing the right roof color significantly influences your home’s overall appearance. For brick homes, it’s crucial to carefully consider how exterior finishes harmonize to achieve your desired design. Given the enduring nature of this decision, thoughtful evaluation of all available options is essential for enhancing your home’s appeal while staying within budget.


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Color Trends for 2024


In pursuing timeless elegance, the neutral color family remains a reliable option. Whether selecting a soothing beige tone or a subtly darker brown blend, these shingles convey a feeling of strength, confidence, and serenity in-home aesthetics. When paired with lighter siding and complemented by bold, darker trim, neutrals create a harmonious façade that consistently delivers satisfaction.


Residential roofs boasting brick exteriors exude beauty when paired with a light or vivid green roof. This choice seamlessly integrates with the landscape, fostering a natural ambiance ideal for countryside homes. Opting for green shingles introduces an element of surprise, deviating from the conventional medium-grey or tan options. Consider mixing shades such as forest, emerald, or light green for added visual interest, or opt for a single hue to enhance curb appeal with a bold statement.

Mid- to Dark Gray

This year, slate roofing materials like embracing the dark gray spectrum are set to introduce a sense of drama. This particular color palette is poised to capture the neighborhood’s gaze, especially when paired with lighter siding. Opting for neutral tones guarantees remarkable adaptability, seamlessly blending with your current siding while also enduring the passage of time, owing to the enduring charm of gray.


Although first noticed in 2023, the trend of black asphalt shingles seems to be enduring. Frequently paired with light siding, the intense allure of black shingles brings forth an aura of sophistication and timelessness to the overall visual appeal.


best roof colors, roof colors for brick houses



Tips on Choosing the Roofing Color

What is my budget? 

Setting your budget early on is essential to streamline your options when choosing roofing materials effectively. Roofs entail a considerable investment, often with substantial expenses involved. Consequently, you must stop yourself from dedicating excessive time to materials beyond your budgetary limits. By defining your financial boundaries from the start, you can optimize your search efforts and concentrate on feasible options within your affordability range.

Would this work with my current siding, or would I need to replace that, too?

If you’re not replacing your siding at the same time, it’s vital to ensure your new roof blends seamlessly with your current siding. When choosing your new roof, it’s crucial to assess how it will complement your existing siding, maintaining a unified and visually pleasing exterior for your home.

What is my desired exterior style when this project is complete?

Do you lean towards making a bold statement or do you prefer a more traditional appearance? The color you choose for your roof can greatly impact the overall design of your home’s exterior, enabling you to confidently establish your desired aesthetic.

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