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Storm damage roof repair roofers Los Angeles, CA

Although we do not experience ice storms like other parts of the country, wind and heat can also be quite damaging to roofs. If you’ve noticed any suspicious issues with your roof, give Guardian Roofs in Los Angeles a call today. We have several options available to help you and get your roof back into its best shape. With a thorough estimate, we will inspect your roof and physically check the materials under your roof, as well as around any roof penetrations.

Wind Damage

While wind damage can impact the look of your home, it can also cause damage that cannot be seen with the untrained eye. It’s possible that small problems caused by wind damage can turn into more severe, emergency situations. If you think there is possible wind damage on your roof, give our experts a call today. We can take a look and even help you file a claim if needed. Even if we don’t find anything during our estimate, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Heat Damage

Did you know the excessive heat can damage your roof? Like wind, heat damage can impact the look of your home by causing cracked or blistered shingles and discoloration. Your roof may also be more susceptible to heat damage if it is old and close to the end of its service-life. If you think your home has suffered from heat damage, call for an estimate by a professional at Guardian Roofs today.

FAQs about Storm Damage to Your Home

Will insurance cover damage done to my roof?

Different insurance providers and policies offer different protections. Even policies with maximum coverage may only offer coverage for a certain amount of roof damage. We recommend contacting your local insurance agent to discuss whether or not you will be eligible for coverage.

Will you help me file an insurance claim?

Absolutely. We can also take photos and videos to help make the process go more smoothly.. Give us a call if you need assistance with filing a roof insurance claim.

Do I need to get my roof fixed right away?

Yes! If you notice an issue with your roof, get it fixed right away by a reputable roofing company like Guardian Roofs. Even a small leak should be addressed right away because it can lead to even more costly issues down the road.

If you are looking for quality roofing repairs in Los Angeles, contact Guardian Roofs right away! We’ve been in the business since 1984 and are happy to help with your roof repair needs in the area.