2020s Best Roof Colors for Red Brick Houses

Jan 15, 2021 | Blog, Roofing

Red brick houses have a unique elegance which is the major contributor to their popularity. From vintage design to modern architecture, red brick houses have remained trendy across different time periods and they are still the first choice for many aspiring homeowners. Red is a dominant color and sometimes it is tricky to find its perfect match. This is why many people with red brick houses tend to struggle when it comes to picking the roof color. So today we will highlight somethings that will help you in choosing the right roof color for your red brick house.

Do you want to amplify the brick color?

If you are absolutely in love with the red brick color and want to amplify it even further so that it is the first thing that someone notices about your house then you should select a neutral roof color. This will put more limelight on the red brick and enhance its presence. If you want to take it a step further then you can select a warm roof color from the family of reds and oranges so that it matches the tone of the red brick. This will give a strong and vibrant look to your red brick house.

Do you want to dial down the brick color?

If you would like to tone down the red brick color then you should select a roof color that is dark yet neutral. Colors like black sable and pacific wave are a good place to start. It will give your house a unique aesthetic appeal that will be well-balanced and distinctively sophisticated. 

Consider where you are living

The region you are living in is an important factor which you must consider before choosing the roof color. For instance, in the northern areas, the sunlight has a cool bluish character and as you move towards the south the sunlight gets a reddish cast to it. Additionally, colors like white tend to deflect the sunlight so white roofs absorb less heat from the sun and colors like black tend to absorb light so black roofs tend to get hotter. So you should keep in mind how the light works in your region and choose a roof color accordingly that also blends in with the red brick color. 

Another factor that is concerned with the area you are living in is the styling trends in your neighborhood. You should closely look at what roof colors your neighbors have chosen. It is important because if you chose to break away from the norm and your roof color is completely different from your neighbors’ then you can face some problems when you try to sell your house. However, if you selling your property is not in plans for the near future then you can freely indulge in your creativity. 

Traditional vs Modern

Choosing the roof color will also be influenced by your taste and preferences. If you want a more traditional approach then you should stick to colors like brown and black that the majority of people have used for decades. On the contrary, if you want to go for a more modern look then you should choose something like Westhighland White or Wool Skein. 

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