How To Make Your Roofing System Last Longer

Sep 7, 2021 | Blog, Roofing

Maintaining your roofing system is the key to keeping your rooftop functioning well and your home protected for years. Having a consistent roof maintenance plan will prevent you from having to fork out large sums of money when a roofing crisis strikes. There are several methods that you can implement to keep your roofing system looking good and working well for years to come.

We at Guardian Roofs have been tending to the roofing of homeowners across Orange County for years. We know and understand how to keep your roof looking great for years without breaking the bank.


These are some of our expert roofing tips on how to make your roof last longer:



The most efficient and cost-effective way to make your roof last longer is by regularly inspecting your rooftop. Homeowners have the choice of either inspecting their roofing themselves or by hiring a professional roofing inspector. A DIY roofing inspection will provide you with insight into the most apparent roofing issues and damages. However, if you’re not a trained roofing professional, chances are you’re going to miss some details. Trained and experienced roofers are aware of what to look for and know when something minor has the potential to turn into a significant problem. At Guardian Roofs, we offer only the very best in professional and efficient roofing inspections so that should your roof be experiencing any issues, our roofers can instantly get to work on fixing the problem.


Repair Issues Quickly

If you or your roofing inspector notice that there is, in fact, some repair work that needs to be done to your roof, it is best to get to work on it immediately. What might look like a minor issue now can quite possibly turn into a significant roofing issue in the future, one that can compromise the integrity of your roofing structures or even your home. Also, be sure to work with a professional team of roofers because asking someone with no roofing experience will most likely make the situation much worse.


Avoid Power Washing Shingles

Power washing your roof to remove the dirt and debris build-up on your roof sounds like a good idea, but you’ll likely be causing more harm than doing good. Due to its aggressive force, power washing can strip your shingles of their protective granules, loosen the shakes and shingles on your rooftop as well as thin out the protective coating on your roofing materials. If you’re determined to clean your roof, it’s safe to use tools like a leaf blower, a broom, or a washrag.

At Guardian Roofs, we’ll take care of your roof as if it were our own. For professional roofing services and advice, give Guardian Roofs a call today.

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