Top 6 Most Popular Roof Materials: Clay and Concrete Tiles

Sep 18, 2016 | Blog, Tile Roofing


Clay and concrete tiles are roofing materials that have been gaining in popularity throughout the U.S. as people search for ways to make their homes more environmentally-friendly and require less maintenance.

Most people don’t know anything about how clay and concrete tiles are used in roofs – and that’s okay! That’s why we established this blog series about the top 6 most popular roof materials. Last week, our first blog featured asphalt, which is the most commonly used roof material in the U.S. You can read more about asphalt here.

Now, let’s get to the topic at hand. Clay and concrete tiles are an excellent choice for many kinds of roofs throughout the U.S. and Southern California specifically. Clay and concrete tiles have tremendous aesthetic appeal, especially here in Southern California, because they provide a Spanish/Mission/Mediterranean feel to your home. They add texture and visual appeal to your roof.

Scalloped clay tiles are flat, ribbed, or scalloped tiles that are extremely durable and also very heavy. They must always be installed by a professional. Concrete tiles are available in various styles and are less expensive than genuine clay, though they also are very heavy.

One clear pro of concrete tiles is that they are energy efficient. They trap cool and warm air in your home, which results in fewer leaks and savings on your utility bills each month. They also last for 4-5 decades when maintained properly, so you won’t have to deal with replacing them anytime soon.

However, there are cons to be aware of when considering whether concrete and clay tiles are right for your property. Clay and concrete tiles are expensive, heavy, and usually require additional framing. 

Are clay and concrete tiles right for your property? Find out now.

Perhaps you like the idea of having a clay or concrete tile roof, but you’re not sure whether it’s the best option for your particular property. Schedule a free consultation with Guardian Roofs and we’ll thoroughly evaluate your current roof and give you expert recommendations. You can count on our knowledgeable roofers to give you real advice you can genuinely count on to make important roofing decisions.

We’ll also provide you with a free estimate of all roof services, including clay and concrete roofing if you decide to go that route. Agree to our proposal and our roofers will work efficiently, without neglecting a single detail, to install your new roof. You’ll be able to rely on it 24/7 for many decades to come when you get your new roof from Guardian Roofs. 

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Stay tuned – the next blog in this series will focus on metal – another top 6 roof material in the U.S.

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