Why You Need a Roof Certification from Guardian Roofs

Nov 30, 2017 | Blog, Roof Certification, Roofer

Have you ever thought about getting your roof certified by Guardian Roofs? If you’re planning on putting your home on the market anytime soon, then it’s a great idea to have your roof evaluated and certified by Orange county’s roof experts at Guardian Roofs.

Expert roof evaluations you can trust

When you get a roof evaluation from Guardian Roofs, you can rest assured that we’ll meticulously check every aspect of your roof to determine whether it will need to be repaired anytime in the near future. We’ll pay careful attention to:

  • Possible movement
  • Condition of roofing materials
  • Number of layers of materials
  • Ridges, caps, and drip edges
  • Soundness of drains, downspouts, and gutters
  • Flashing around roof pipes, chimneys, vents, valleys, and mounting of HVAC units
  • Condition and quality of past repairs (if disclosed)

What does a roof certification mean?

Plenty of people wonder what a roof certification from Guardian Roofs means. This certification carries our promise that the roofs will not have leaks or other problems for anywhere from 1-5 years, barring natural disasters or severe weather damage.

What if roof repairs are necessary?

If we evaluate your roof and determine that certain repairs are necessary at the moment, then these repairs will need to be taken care of before a certification can be issued. Rest assured that our expert roofers will be able to perfectly handle all your roof repair needs of any size and scope. We have lots of experience with all types of roofs and materials, and we only use products from top manufacturers. You can count on our roof repairs to last for as long as possible.

Give potential buyers peace of mind

One way to make your home extra appealing to potential buyers is by providing a roof certification from Guardian Roofs. Roof repairs can often be tremendously costly, and potential buyers will be thrilled to know that they won’t have to worry about foreseeable roof expenses for at least a year and maybe even five. Perhaps they’ll even make an offer above asking price after seeing your roof certification and weighing all the other important factors that go into making that momentous decision.

Plenty of people have relied on Guardian Roofs for their roof certification needs. You can count on us to evaluate your roof properly, make any necessary repairs, and issue you a roof certification that will put both your and potential buyers’ minds at ease.

Call now to schedule an appointment

Preparing your house for sale can be a tremendous undertaking, but thankfully, scheduling an appointment with Guardian Roofs is easy. Simply give us a call at (714) 633-3619 or email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to set up an appointment at a convenient date and time for your roof evaluation.

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